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Chef magazine aims to keep the professional informed about what's happening in the business, celebrating success and creating innovation in the industry. If you're a chef with ambition, drive and determination and a passion to climb the culinary ladder, this magazine will assist you in your goals. Sharp, relevant and informative, Chef Magazine is the chef’s magazine.

Chef magazine provides a fascinating insight into the working lives of the top – and soon-to-be top – people in the business. Perfect for the gifted amateur cook who wants to pick up some tips, as well as for the lover of fine food and wine who eats out regularly and would like to know a bit more about what goes on behind the kitchen door.

A full version of the latest issue of Chef magazine can now be downloaded. The cost is £20 for 10 Issues

Chef magazine is written for the Chefs around the World who want to keep in touch with this exciting ever moving industry.